If you want to create a landing page or a simple website, there are website building kits that use artificial intelligence (AI) to create professional websites in minutes. These kits are easy to use and don't require any programming skills. In this article, we will introduce and compare some of these website building kits to help you choose the best one for your purposes.

Overview of AI Website Builder

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Below is a brief introduction to each website builder. Detailed profiles of the tools can be found on the detail pages.


The well-known provider WIX is also gradually expanding its AI offering. The website builder is still in the planning stage, but there are options to create AI-powered domains, generate images, generate product descriptions, and create short trailers from existing video footage.


There is also Mixo, a simple and fast website builder that generates a complete landing page with text, images, logo and branding. Mixo is great for testing new ideas and products. It allows you to launch a website and drive traffic to it in minutes. The customization options are also impressive, so you can refine the generated content to your liking.

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Another website builder that uses AI is Uncody. However, compared to Mixo, Uncody offers less professional looking images and requires more testing steps. For this reason, Mixo is the preferred choice.


The next provider is Durable. Durable offers more features than Mixo and Uncody, including the ability to add multiple pages to your site and a more comprehensive backend platform. Durable also offers AI-powered tools for ad creation and branding.

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For those who need a complete website with blogging features and full customizability, 10web is the best choice. 10web creates a WordPress website that you can fully customize and expand. It also offers additional AI features like an AI wizard that writes and edits SEO-optimized content and the ability to clone the layout of any website. However, 10web is the most expensive option among the featured website builders.


In summary, Mixo is the best choice if you just need a landing page with an email collection. Durable is ideal if you need more pages on your website and want additional features like marketing tools and an AI wizard. However, if you need more functionality and full customization, 10web is the best option.

Testing costs nothing - except time

All the above website building kits can be tested by you free of charge. This way you can choose the best option for you.

Have fun with it!