HeyGen AI

Update: 11/26/2023

HeyGen: Creation of text-to-video using AI.

The way HeyGen works is quite amazing and already very advanced. It shows where the trend is going in the future. Artificially generated multilingual videos without "human" speakers are not far away.

To test the HeyGen service, you can get a free 1 minute video.

How to use

Choose from a variety of templates or upload your document in ppt or pdf format.

HeyGen-KI-generierte Sprechervideos

Dashboard von HeyGen zur Auswahl von Templates

By the way - don't get confused: HeyGen used to be called Movio. 🙂

Clone yourself

The translation of videos into other languages is particularly impressive, as you can see in this video from HeyGen and a tester:

Another use of the AI tool is to create a clone of yourself. You can create an avatar with your likeness that speaks in 30 different languages. This can be interesting for the CEO of a large company who wants to greet his employees in their local language, as well as for a small one-man startup who wants to act more locally/internationally.

Costs: Pricing of HeyGen

As mentioned above, you can try the tool for free and create a 1-minute demo video. Prices start moderately at 24 USD/month (annual subscription).

Heygen Kosten Preise

Alternatives to HeyGen

Heygen's competitors are for example SynthesiaElaiDeepbrain oder Colossyan.

The following video compares HeyGen with Colossyan:


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