AI consulting can be useful in a wide variety of areas. It is not possible to provide comprehensive advice on the use of artificial intelligence in its full range. AI applications can be used in almost all activities and economic sectors to achieve productivity increases or other improvements.

AI Pyramid

Application-oriented AI consulting

Following the motto "Preach what you practice", we focus only on those areas and application fields in the spectrum of AI that we or our partners have used and tested ourselves.

For this reason, we are focused on the three areas of marketing, communication and sales in the AI Consulting business.

Artificial intelligence won't replace you, it will replace the workers and companies that know how to use AI efficiently and effectively.

- JOHANNES DELTL, Consultant artificial intelligence

Our approach

Step 1: AI-Status Analysis

This step looks at how your company or department is set up right now and whether you already have processes and AI tools in place.

Step 2: Determining potential

Based on the situation analysis, the possible potentials in the individual sub-areas of communication, marketing and sales are now identified.

Step 3: AI-Roadmap 

In the next step, the identified potentials are put into practice by means of a roadmap. It is determined which processes and tools are to be used and when.

Step 4: Implementation

We don't leave you on your own. In a final step, we support you in implementing the processes and tools of artificial intelligence so that you can also exploit the identified potential.

This consulting approach can of course be supplemented or replaced by individual consulting workshops.

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