The fact that AI has long been a topic in the newspaper landscape is not surprising. Springer, a large publishing comglomerate, for example, has also mentioned AI in the context of job cuts. According to the FAZ a leading German newspaper from 19.6.2023, an internal email states that "unfortunately, we also have to let go of colleagues whose tasks will be replaced by AI and/or processes in the digital world, or whose current skills do not fit into this new arrangement.

Ringier introduces guidelines the use of AI

23-05-30 The Swiss media and technology company Ringier is introducing Group-wide guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Ringier is "taking responsibility to transparently disclose the use of AI and minimize the risks in dealing with AI." You can read the guidelines here.

Desk of a content editor

Working in public relations can often mean working late into the night

Webinar AI in Public Relations

More than 500 communicators participated in the webinars organized by Convento on the future of PR.
"Artificial Intelligence and PR". Will everything change?

Veranstaltung Künstliche-Intelligenz-und-PR-Johannes Deltl

Tasks of public relations/ PR agencies

The tasks of public relations are many and varied. Here is a list of the most important activities:

  • Strategic planning and implementation of ongoing press and public relations activities
  • Support and development of the website and web presence
  • Responsible for social media management
  • Research and write press releases, articles, reports, SEO copy and social media posts
  • Develop social media content (text, video and images) for various channels
  • Identify, prepare and manage topics for journalists and the media
  • Establish and maintain press distribution list / media contacts
  • Write and send press releases
  • Conception, planning, implementation and follow-up of press events and PR collaborations
  • Maintain the press section of the website
  • Content management and development of a podcast
  • Media analysis/media monitoring
  • Managing agencies and service providers
  • Strategic communications advice to the board and senior management
  • Active and proactive crisis PR

AI can support PR efforts in several ways

Existing work can be done faster and more productively using AI tools.

This begins with the creation of text and text elements, moving on to text review and summarization, the use of translation services, and the creation of social media content.

Other advanced topics include

Monitoring media coverage in real time and extracting relevant information for PR work. PR professionals can react quickly to events and take targeted action, especially in crisis PR.

Analyze media monitoring through AI-based analytics tools to identify trends and patterns in media coverage and evaluate the effectiveness of PR campaigns.

Personalize communications: AI tools can help personalize communications with different audiences. On the one hand, by analyzing data to better understand the needs and interests of target audiences. On the other hand, by using tools to create relevant, personalized copy.

"Automated" content creation: Existing content can be repurposed and created "automatically," such as press releases, blog posts, or social media posts.

Advantages of AI in PR

  • Reduce copywriting costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Focus on content "refinement" by the PR professional

AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.

Workshop Offerings

Use of AI in PR work

Practical user workshop for employees and managers

In our user workshop, we show you how to efficiently use artificial intelligence in PR

  • Online or on-site
  • Supported by digital content on an e-learning platform
  • Learning through practical examples
  • Use tools like ChatGPT and other AI tools

Prepare yourself and your employees for the future and use artificial intelligence in your daily work.