Update: 07/10/2024

Vidnoz: Powerful AI tools for video, photo and voice editing


Vidnoz is an online platform that specializes in the creation and editing of videos using artificial intelligence.


Vidnoz has several powerful AI tools to help you create high-quality and engaging videos. Here are the key features:

  • AI Video Generator: Quickly create videos from text with over 1000 video templates and 900 realistic avatars.
  • Face Swap: Swap faces in photos, GIFs and videos to create creative and personalized content.
  • Voice Changer: Clone and change voices, including famous voices, for videos, tutorials or e-commerce.
  • Text-to-Speech: Convert text to spoken language, supports many languages and accents.
  • Video hosting: Upload videos securely, share, edit and monitor their performance. Ideal for businesses.
Many Avatar-Templates Vidnoz

Vidnoz offers a wide range of avatar templates (currently over 1,000)

Vidnoz-AI-Templates Newsspeaker

Vidnoz offers a wide range of templates like the newsspeaker templates (currently over 1,000)


Vidnoz offers you a variety of AI tools for video, photo and voice editing:

1. KI-Video-Tools

  • Video Face Swap: Swap faces in videos
  • AI Talking Avatar: Create talking avatars
  • AI text to video: Generate videos from text
  • AI Image to Video: Turn images into videos
  • AI Video Enhancer: Improve the video quality
  • AI Dancing Photo: Make animated photos dance
  • AI Video Translator: Translate videos
  • AI Script Generator: Create scripts

2. AI-Photo-Tools

  • Photo Face Swap: Replace faces in photos
  • AI Headshot Generator: Create professional portraits
  • Combine Images AI: Combine images
  • AI Cartoon Generator: Turn images into cartoons
  • AI Avatar Generator: Create your own avatars
  • AI Background Removal: Remove backgrounds from photos

3. AI-Voice-Tools

Stimmen generieren mit Vidnoz

Alleine in deutscher Sprache stehen dir 67 unterschiedliche Stimmen zur Verfügung. Zudem kannst du deine Stimme auch klonen lassen.

  • AI voice cloning: Clone voices
  • AI Text to Speech: Convert text to speech
  • AI Vocal remove: Remove vocals from music
  • AI Music Generator: Create music

How it works - Create your personal AI avatar

Create your personal avatar

To create your own avatar, all you need is your smartphone or a webcam. Simply record a selfie video of 3 to 5 minutes, standing or sitting. Upload your video to Vidnoz and your personal avatar will be ready within 1-3 working days. The lifelike HD avatar is suitable for different types of videos. The setup currently costs 99$/year.

Prices: These are the costs of Vidnoz

Vidnoz offers you a 14-day free trial to test all functions without obligation. There is also a free plan.

Cost overview of the different plans:

  • Free plan: 3 minutes of video per month, 300+ AI avatars, 170 voices, 720p export resolution
  • Basic plan: 10-50 minutes of video per month, no watermarks, 470+ voices, 1080p export resolution
  • Business Plan: 30-180 minutes of video per month, prioritized video production, 5,000 characters per scene

Alternatives to Vidnoz

Other solutions are Heygen, Elai, Deepreel, Synthesia, DeepBrain* and Colossyan.


Johannes Deltl is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. He is managing director of the consulting company ACRASIO and author of several books. You can contact him here.