Update: 02/01/2024

Artflow: Create images of yourself as a celebrity or actor

Artflow create your ai clone

Artflow AI is an innovative AI platform that lets you create unique images, characters, and scenes by simply typing text - even with your face.

Create your personalized AI Actor


You can create (clone) yourself as an actor by uploading 20 different photos of yourself to the system. An artificial actor of you will be created and you can use it immediately.

Image Studio


In Image Studio, you can use a text prompt to create different people and celebrities and use yourself as an actor by simply typing your actor's name with an @ in the prompt. The result is 4 images that you can refine and use to create different poses. The quality of the results is already surprisingly good.

Here is the result of a text prompt that turns me into a James Bond villain with a cat:

James Bond Bösewicht generiert mit Artflow

Video Studio

Video Generator-artflow

You can then use the Video Studio to create short video clips from the generated images, which you can then edit together to create a short movie. You can also have your character speak using the AI-generated voices available to you. I once had myself generated as Dracula for demonstration purposes. The realization of these videos has not yet knocked my socks off, I hope the quality will improve.

Here are two demo videos that show you how Artflow AI works and the steps of the creation process:

Pricong of Artflow AI

The pricing model consists of the following plans:

  • Basic Plan - This plan is free
    100 credits/month
    4 minutes of video from Story Studio or
    2 minutes of video from Video Studio
    Unlimited V1 image generation
    1 credit for each V2 image generation
  • Starter Plan - This plan costs $6.42 per month (billed annually)
    300 credits per month
    12 minutes of video from Story Studio or
    6 minutes of video from Video Studio
    Everything from the Basic plan, plus
    Unlimited V2 image creation
    Premium voices
    Priority editing
    Download PNG images
    Commercial use with credit (CC BY 4.0)
    Image watermark removal
  • PRO Plan - This plan costs $20 per month (billed annually)
    1000 credits/month
    40 minutes of video from Story Studio or
    20 minutes of video from Video Studio
    Everything from the Starter Plan, plus unlimited Video Studio remixes, commercial use without attribution, create videos without watermarks, 2 free AI actor trainings
Preise Kosten Artflow ai

It is also possible to buy additional credits to avoid having to take out a monthly subscription:

Credit System Artflow

Alternatives to Artflow

Take a look at Leonardo AI as an alternative.


Johannes Deltl is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. He is managing director of the consulting company ACRASIO and author of several books. You can contact him here.