Pictory AI

Update: 10/14/2023

Pictory: Create videos quickly and easily with AI support

Pictory-Videos leicht erstellt

Pictory is a simple tool for creating videos. Suitable video sequences are suggested from texts by AI.

Update September 2023

  • Pictory integrates 10 million Getty photos into paid plan to make content even more professional
  • Video summaries have been improved

Application - This is how it works

In the first step, you specify what content you want to convert to video.


The text is then typed or copied into an editor. For the example, we choose the "Script to Video" function.

Now still a suitable template design selected ...

The right output format determines ...

And the video suggestion is ready. This can be edited and extended with an editor. The video itself can then optionally be automated into short videos for social media purposes.

Pricing: These are the costs of Pictory

You can test the AI tool with three self-created videos for free. The standard package then starts at $10/month and includes 30 videos. The premium package already contains 60 videos and the team package 90 videos. In addition, there are corresponding packages with video transcriptions. For details see table below or on Pictory's website.
Preise Kosten Pictory-AI

Enjoy testing!


Johannes Deltl is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. He is managing director of the consulting company ACRASIO and author of several books. You can contact him here.

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