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Update: 01/17/2024

Leonardo: Create brilliant images generated by AI

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Leonardo AI is one of the many text-to-image applications now available, and is currently my favorite in this category. It is based on several models - including Stable Diffusion - and delivers impressive results.

The free credits are generous and allow for a minimum of 30 images per day. A variety of features, as well as the ability to upload your own images, means that I use this tool almost daily.

This is how it works

You can create high-quality images by simply entering text prompts. You don't even have to enter a long prompt, because Leonardo has its own prompt generator that does the work for you. Just enter a short prompt and click Generate Prompts, then choose which of the suggested prompts you want to use.

Prompt Generator von Leonardo-Ai

Suggestions are generated from your text prompt in the Prompt Generator | Click the image for a larger view

You can also choose between different image templates, each with a different result. You can choose from a darker Leonardo style, a photorealistic style, or a cartoon style. Once you have created your images, you can edit them in the editor, for example, to scale them more precisely.

Leonardo Motion⚡️

Update December 2023: Motion, the latest feature of Leonardo AI, creates short video clips of impressive quality from the images it generates.

Update January 2024: The quality is even better. The clips are strung together to create a short story:

Leonardo Elements ⚡️

Since the end of September 2023, the new Elements feature has been available as an additional editing option next to the Prompt. By combining artistic styles such as Baroque, Glass, Steel, Inferno, and many others, you can apply a range of great effects to the images you create. Here is the first result of an experiment with Elements:

Upload your own images

Leonardo AI also lets you upload your own images and use them as the basis for new creations.


These two crazy images were created with Leonardo AI.

Animals in Business DELTL

Leonardo is also very good at depicting emotions.

Beispielbild Leonardo
Bildgenerierung mit Leonardo

Alchemy Refiner 

The generated image quality can be further improved with the Alchemy Refiner function. This application makes the display even more detailed.

Beispielbild optimiert mit Alchemy Refiner

Sample image optimized with Alchemy Refiner (click for enlargement)

Pricing: This is what Leonardo costs you

You can use 150 credits per day for free to get to know Leonardo. This is enough for about 10-20 images per day. For power users there are packages starting at 10 USD/month. You can then use approximately 250 credits per day.

Leonardo-AI Preise Kosten

Alternatives to Leonardo AI

The best known are Dall-E, which is integrated into ChatGPT, Supermachine, Adobe Firefly, Ideogram und of course Midjourney. There are also a number of specialized providers that focus on product images, for example.


Johannes Deltl is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. He is managing director of the consulting company ACRASIO and author of several books. You can contact him here.