Improve your outbound activities with Clay

Scale your Outbound activities

Clay helps you and your sales team efficiently execute personalized outbound campaigns. You can collect information from over 50 data sources, enrich data with web scraping, and automate your communications with AI. You can create lead lists and write personalized emails with AI support. This makes you faster and more efficient in B2B sales.


  • Data Providers: Clay uses more than 50 data providers to collect and enrich rich information. These include Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Salesforce, Shopify, People Data Labs,, Clearbit, and many more. This diversity makes it possible to draw from multiple sources and leverage the data for personalized outbound campaigns.

  • Predefined templates: The tool offers a variety of templates (see image) specifically designed to support prospecting activities. These templates cover a variety of areas, including finding key decision makers on LinkedIn, searching for business emails, finding employees in companies, and many other specialized prospecting tasks. These templates are designed to make prospecting and data enrichment easier and more efficient.
  • Claygent: An AI-based web scraper that automatically collects and summarizes information from websites. You can search for companies based on a variety of criteria. For example, Claygent can find out if a company is currently hiring, what topics were covered in the last blog post, when the last funding round took place, and more.
  • AI Messaging: You can use artificial intelligence to create personalized emails for each individual lead. This feature reduces the time you spend manually composing emails by creating customized messages for each individual lead based on your research. You can use templates and then send the finished emails with one click in your ongoing campaigns.

Here you can watch a short video from the provider to get an insight into the software:

Pricing of Clay

The pricing model is based on a flexible system of clay credits for access to over 50 data providers, web scraping, and AI-powered email generation. There are four main plans:

  • Free: 100 free credits per month
  • Starter: Starting at $149 per month or $112 if paying annually for 2,000 credits per month
  • Explorer: Starting at $349 per month or $262 when paying annually for 10,000 credits per month
  • Pro: From $800 per month or $600 if paying annually for 50,000 credits per month.
Clay Pricing

Alternatives to Clay

I don't know of any direct competitors for the feature set that Clay offers. In the area of data sources, there are a large number of tools (over 50 to be exact) that Clay uses, such as Apollo IO* or scrapers like PhantomBuster* or even forms solutions like Typeform*.


Johannes Deltl is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. He is managing director of the consulting company ACRASIO and author of several books. You can contact him here.