Update: 01/22/2024

Piktochart: Create AI-powered infographics and more

Infografiken erstellen mit Piktochart

Piktochart is your online solution if you want to create stunning visual content without being a graphic design professional. The platform gives you versatile tools for all types of designs. For example, you can create infographics that illustrate complex data or design eye-catching reports and presentations.

Piktochart also has everything you need to create posters and social media graphics. The data visualization feature is especially handy, allowing you to turn facts and figures into easy-to-understand and eye-catching graphics. Whether you want to be creative for business, education or just for fun, Piktochart has the tools you need.


  • Infographics: Create eye-catching infographics to visually represent data.
  • Presentations: Create interactive presentations with multiple templates and designs
  • Reports: Create visually appealing reports
  • Posters: Create posters for different occasions and purposes
  • Social media graphics: Design graphics for your social media presence
  • Video editing: Edit videos in the same way you edit text documents

Application - how it works

When you start using Piktochart, the tool asks you what area you want to create presentations for. This information is then used to offer you appropriate templates on the editor's home page. In my case, these are consulting presentations and more.


You can now start with one of the templates and customize it to your liking, using a variety of shapes, text types, and other content. Or you can start with a blank template.


In my opinion, PiktoChart is especially good for quick infographic creation, because you have a large number of countries and charts at your disposal, and you can create passable presentations with just a few mouse clicks.

Create infographics with Piktochart


Piktochart recently added the ability to quickly create a simple infographic with text input; you simply describe the topic of the infographic (in our case, a timeline on the topic of artificial intelligence) and the tool creates a graphic in about 10 seconds.


The implementation has not yet convinced me, although there are a number of suggestions that I would not use in practice. Click on the image to enlarge.

example of Ai generation with-Piktochart

Pricing of Piktochart

There is a free version, a Pro Plan and a Business Plan. The Pro Plan costs $168 per year ($14 per month if billed annually) or $29 if billed monthly. The Pro plan offers many features, including unlimited downloads, branding options, team collaboration, and advanced support options.

Preise Kosten Piktochart

Alternatives to Piktochart

Some alternative tools include Visme or Canva.


Johannes Deltl is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. He is managing director of the consulting company ACRASIO and author of several books. You can contact him here.